Getting Wild… Finally

Well here it is already January 2015. I thought I would offer up a little food for thought. You see, the movie Wild finally appeared in my little theater. A wonderful new acquaintance, Snowshoe Rob (Father of a 2014 Thru Hiker) told me it was showing. I was excited to see it, so I set off for the theater the first chance I got. While I was tempted to sneak in trail food…you know poptarts and Pasta Sides… I decided wearing my Patagonia Puffy and old hiking shoes would be enough. I have been smelling way to clean to be considered hiker trash these days. 🙂

The first thing that struck me was the first hiking scene. Where Reese (Cheryl) was setting off from Mojave, CA. The very spot I remember being dropped off just outside of town. By the lovely woman who had a lot of llamas at home. (Thanks for the hitch!)

P1010171 P1010173

The first hiking scene in “Wild” took place here. Just after Mojave… it made me miss the Band something fierce.
The scene brought about a lot of memories… I remember this being a tough mental day for me, it was hot, and I had a heavy pack. I remember seeing a rainbow in the dark sky, I lost my favorite sunglasses, and I really remember those beautiful souls that welcomed me in to our final campsite that evening with big wonderful smiles and thoughtful words. The trough was really green and gross, the boys had seen a mamma bear and a cub on their way to camp. It was just one day on the trail… nothing special, but each day held such simple pleasures. It shocks me how much I remember, and how vivid it all is. (Ask me what I did a week ago, I probably couldn’t tell you.)

There has been much talk about how the book and movie of “Wild” will ruin the Pacific Crest Trail. I don’t agree. I think everyone deserves to get lost in their own thoughts, to take a walk. Sure people will show up unprepared, (this is nothing new,) sure some people will bite off more than they can chew, but what is living without a little risk? I think the ability to get a little “Wild” in this day and age is important. After all, some really amazing people thought long ago that Wilderness, National forests, and National Parks are important enough places to protect.

With that I say, set sail, take some risks, you never know who you will find out there. It might just surprise you.


Sunbeam 🙂


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