How it ends…

Well, I must apologize for my tardiness of this post. “Real life” as most of you know is full of so much goodness that it is hard to organize thoughts. That being said it has taken me awhile to really digest my PCT experience.

When I set out this spring my intended destination was Canada. The only thing I thought would stop me was an injury or running out of funds. Thankfully neither of those happened. However what did happen was this. I found the answers to the questions I was not initially looking for. I found the reasons I set out on this journey for in the first place. I was looking for time to just be in the woods. Time to spend with my own thoughts. I also found that Canada was not where I needed to be to find happiness.

Along the way I saw so much beauty. The stars over the desert, a sunset from the top of a peak, barrel cactus in bloom, tons of wildflowers, all phases of the moon, the view from Mount Whitney, I could go on forever. However the beauty I really sought was that which is found in others.

There is so much kindness in the world. What you see on the news or read about on the web, it is all very depressing. It’s easy to forget about the good. But there is real, actual beauty around us, every day. Strangers who will be kind to you even though your stench is horrible. Total strangers who would stop what they were doing to help you if you needed it. The beauty of the people is what I needed, and it is what I found.

From all the beautiful souls I met along the trail. Your perseverance, smiles, words, and friendship will forever be with me. Tent Stake, Sarah and Roi, Poet, Chad, Katy, Cheetah, Borealis, Coach and First Class, Heatwave, Angles, Slims, Owl, and all the others… you all are amazing souls, I feel so blessed that our paths crossed.


To those amazing folks who go out of their way to help hikers. Scout and Frodo, Warner Springs Monty, The Sauflys, Ziggy and the Bear, The Anderson’s, and all of those unsung heroes. The food, rides, soda, beer, water, your time… It all made the experience what it was. Amazing. I thank you from the whole of my heart. I also promise to continue to pass on the spirit of the trail, and your kindness to others. We must forever pay it forward.

When I set out on this journey my intent was to hike solo. I knew I would find others to hike with, but my intent was never to be “stuck” with someone else or have them feel they were “stuck” with me.

Poor Arctic, had no chance!

I feel so fortunate to have found a close friend and hiking partner. What are the chances of two people to have so much in common to be in the same gear store that day? Instantly, I knew this poor guy was going to be a good friend of mine.

Well after nearly 3 and a half months of hiking, sharing dinner, lunch, breakfast, and nearly every waking moment together, I am so glad our paths crossed and that I made that sassy comment about your insole choice.

You made my PCT journey what it was, truly magical. I will forever be indebted for your kindness, laughter, and companionship.


So what is my take home message? Well it is this… The key to life is to be happy. The kind of happy you feel deep down inside. I found that while I loved exploring California, my heart belongs to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Maybe someday I will finish the PCT, or maybe I won’t. But I don’t feel like I failed. I am ecstatic to see pictures of folks I have met along the way at the northern terminus. But I don’t need that for myself. I am happy with hiking 1,506 miles. Content to have ONLY hiked half. For me, the journey really is the destination. And damn was is AWESOME!


Thank you all for following along with me and for your patience in my slow blogging. It meant a lot to share the experience. To know that others might be inspired to hike the PCT or even just hike around their own area, is what its all about. The reason other than a way for me to remember this experience, to hopefully inspire. Your comments brought joy to me along the trail, and will continue to remind me of the kindness in this magical world.

Thank You! 🙂




5 thoughts on “How it ends…

  1. I really enjoyed reading about your journey. Thanks for all the time you put into it (both hiking and blogging!). Question – since you’re from the White’s, do you know Tom & Atticus?

  2. Thank you Sunbeam,
    For putting to words so many thoughts and feelings I experienced on my pct journey last year. You couldn’t be more right by the way. It’s the journey and not the finish that stays with us. You are a good soul.

  3. Thank you Sunbeam, you made a great log and I loved the pictures and followed you all the way. Thanks for taking the time. worried about you at the end. we lost a few hikers in the flooded creeks on the PCT up here and I kept hoping I would not see your name. A bad piece of season also with all the storms and fires up this way The PCT journal has little in the way of updates for the crew this year for some reason. I waited you to come by Sisters but was not to be and expect you made the right decision. Hope you have a great and satisfying future. Don Redmond Oregon

  4. Thank you Sunbeam for your words. We briefly crossed paths at Rodriquez Spur (68) and Scissors Crossing (77). My buddy and I were section hiking and I remember you sitting at Rodriquez Spur writing in what I thought was a journal and in fact you even have a picture in your blog…we later passed each other later that day on the trail to Scissors Crossing. Best wishes on your next endeavor(s).

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