Day 104: Graceful hiking…

August 4, 2014
24 miles
1487 miles total

Another cloudy morning. But the weather stayed cool. The miles seemed to have melted away in the morning. I did however have a close encounter with a bear. I didn’t actually see it, but as I came to a switchback I heard rustling of trees, grunting, and the sound of a large animal. I yelled “hey bear” in as manly of a voice as I could muster. It continued to move along the ridge. I stood at my location for a good five minutes deciding if it was good to go. Eventually I seemed like it was high enough on the ridge for me to go. I tapped my poles together and went for it. All was well… I continued to hike.


We saw these huge plants near a creek. Arctic suggested that Emmit get a closer look. Can you spot him?


Today I had two epic falls. The first as I was looking at a huge tree across the trail figuring on how to maneuver around it. The second as I was heading down to lunch. Both I found myself suddenly on the ground. I got a few lacerations on both knees. After cleaning out and bandaging up two of the worst cuts. I was good to go. My poor knees. I really must have been overdue for a fall. Especially with two in one day. Crazy.

Finally I made camp around 7:30. Arctic beat me here as it was mostly uphill. It’s nice to be done. I am sore, two vitamin I before be should do the trick.

Tonight my last night on this trail(for this year)… I feel mixed feelings about tomorrow. I have had such a wonderful experience on this trail, but at the same time I am ready to be done.


2 thoughts on “Day 104: Graceful hiking…

  1. I was WONDERING where you went! I missed your updates! I hope to keep track of you when you continue next year (?)
    Thank you for your ability to allow us at home to experience the beauty of the trail!

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