Day 100: of sulfur and Fields

July 31, 2014
23 miles
1358 miles total

After last night’s thunderstorms we felt good about the weather. We repacked everything and set out early (for us) to hitch back to the trail.

It took a while but we snagged a ride with a local teacher. She was wonderful and very excited for our hiking adventure. She asked a lot of wonderful questions and told us about her own plans to hike with her kids. She was great!

We set out to hike around 11, which was kind of a late start for the amount of miles we planned on hitting. The day started out warm, but got hotter as it went on.


The hiking was nice. We stopped for lunch next to the Feather river. It was nice to dunk my head and bandana in the cold water. It was hot!


We ended up taking an alternate trail to check out some sweet geological features in Lassen National Park. The hot springs and mud pits were really interesting.


We hit a road crossing with a picnic table (how awesome it is to sit and have a table!) and water. We decided to have dinner as it was a nice spot and we planned more miles later. As we cooked dinner we watched a buck eat across the field. He didn’t mind sharing his area with us.


After dinner we set out on a climb into the ever fading light. We night hiked until I was too tired to go on. I kept stumbling, which means my body was exhausted. We found a sweet little spot to cowboy camp next to a stream.

Life is good.


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