Day 98: Wooooah, half way there…

July 28, 2014
23 miles today
1331.30 miles total

I hit snooze on my alarm once.. But it was a nice morning. The weather was perfect for hiking. So after getting packed up we were on the trail by 8.

Today was a good day. The miles just sort of melted away. We had planned for a limited water supply today, but there were two bonus springs that were not on our maps or in the guide book. They were nice to have… But I carried a lot of extra water. We always joke that we are just training for the Sierra… 😉


We stopped for lunch around noon. It was early for us, but it helped to get us hiking earlier. The avocado tasted especially wonderful today. Maybe it was the 10 miles we got in by noon that helped too.


After lunch we were off to our next big goal… The Midway point of the PCT. Yes, that is right halfway between Mexico and Canada. But somehow still in California? Haha.


It was pretty surreal. Half way between where we started and where we had dreamed of being. Every step from here on out makes us closer to the north than the south. How crazy is that?



Tonight we are camped a few miles from town. Tomorrow will be a quick morning hike of 3 miles. Today was excellent, great weather, good views, and as always wonderful company.


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