Day 97: 1,300 miles… 13 miles?

July 27, 2014
13 miles
1,308 miles total

After last nights late hike, we were slow this morning. Still hiking by 8:30, but moving slow. We tag teamed a lot with the other folks who camped near us. It seems everyone was stuck in slow motion.


The abundance of cold springs kept us motivated though. So much delicious water, it made for nice hiking.


We decided to call today early… We got to our campsite around 4:30. We are trying to juggle the water situation for the next 26 miles and our exhaustion. The past four nights have been late. So we decided to camp near a cold flowing spring and push out a bigger day tomorrow. That way we will be lined up perfectly for town.

We have so much food right now, we don’t really need to do a total resupply but we will need a few things. Including fuel, I ran out tonight so had to try my Sterno can. My meal was hottish but not totally cooked. It was better than nothing though.  Sometimes improvisation is key.


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