Day 94: Unexpected detour to Quincy

July 24, 2014
8 miles
1269.89 miles total

We woke up ready to hike. We busted out 8 miles pretty easy. We got to Buck’s Summit and the highway which leads to Quincy around 10. There we ran into a few fellow hikers who just had returned from town. Talking to them about our hitching options and how easy it was as well as it being a weekday and things tend to be cheaper… We decided to head in a day early.

We got a quick hitch from a woman and her daughters. Once in town we found a place to stay and set out on running our errands. We ate lunch at Subway, which I had been dreaming about. It hit the spot. Then from there we pushed on to the post office. There I had an amazing care package waiting for me. (Thanks Sarah and Lisa!) While there we ran into a friendly local that offered us a ride. We almost refused as we just needed to go to the laundromat. But she told us the one in town was closed and offered to bring us to the one in East Quincy. She was great, she has two dogs I got to pet on the way. All was well.

After laundry we hit the grocery store for a few items then caught the bus back to our motel. All in all it was probably the most efficient town errands we’ve ever done. We showered and then hit up a swell local restaurant called Pangea Cafe. Arctic had a huge sushi craving and it just so happened we were there on their special sushi night. So many things aligned, I am glad we were able to hit town when we did.


Tonight we get to be lazy and watch trashy television and eat cold grapes. Life is pretty alright:)


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