Day 91: Of rain and hills

July 21, 2014
19 miles today
1224 miles total

It started raining some time over night. I woke to close the rain fly and drifted back to sleep. This morning it was hard to pull myself away from the comforts of a dry shelter to start the day. However, it had to be done. I was feeling better, while not 100% I was definitely in a better place.

We hit the trail a bit before 9, we had a bit of drizzle. My umbrella was a wonderful thing to have. The air was free to move around me as I hiked along. The views even with the rain were wonderful. We could look back and see the Sierra Buttes.


There was a lot of up and down ridge walking today. It was a perfect way to ease myself back into hiking. Eventually the rain went away and we were left with fast moving clouds. The sun even made a few brief appearances. It was lovely.


Other than playing leap frog with a fellow hiker, we only saw one other soul today. It was a nice southbound section hiker. She seemed really positive and was looking forward to her trip. Many hikers don’t want to stop and chat, but it is part of why I am out here. The people make the trail, and the only way to meet them is to chat with them. You can learn a lot about a person in a few quick minutes.

We made it to our campsite earlier than I had thought even with our late-ish start. It was a pleasant surprise to have an early dinner and be cozy in my bag before the sun set. Just another amazing day on the trail.


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