Day 90: Revenge of the town food

July 20, 2014
.25 of. Mile

Word of warning… Not the most table friendly post.

I woke up last night with the urge of being sick. I got out of my tent as quickly as I could and almost didn’t make it to the trees. It seems as though town was fighting back.

After getting back to my tent, I tossed and turned all night. Once again this morning I got sick again with what little water was in my stomach. Today was going to suck.

Arctic told me not to worry we have plenty of food and no need to be anywhere. I of course felt horrible for holding up progress. I tried my damnedest to get going but I just felt gross. We both needed water so we slowly attempted to make it the quarter of a mile to the next campsite.

As just that little bit of walking was more or less a no go, Arctic set me up and went to get water. He really is great, I feel horrible to be such a useless lump. He set up the tent and my sleeping pad and even made me some Gatorade. When a fellow thru hiker Michael passed he gave us some stomach soothing pills. My pepto bismouth wasn’t seeming to work.

So basically I have been curled up in my tent all day. Sleeping the day away, on this most perfect hiking day. Its overcast and breezy. Hopefully it will hold for tomorrow.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a happier post.


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