Day 89: Sunset at 1200 miles

July 19, 2014
7.17 miles
1204 miles

Today was great. After sleeping in we grabbed breakfast at the Red Moose, where we camped last night. The food was good and very affordable. After that we had to wait for the store and the post office to open.

We played some cribbage with Torrey and I got around to working on my book. The day was hot and getting hotter. We decided to spend the day in the shade and head out later in the evening when it got cooler.

We sat around as many hikers got into town. Last night there were 5/of us camped at Red Moose and already by mid day there were 13/tents set up. It was crazy. We had only really seen two other hikers on the trail the past few days and here a huge group of them kept rolling in. We had been wondering if we were the end of the line… But low and behold we are not. Its good to know.

After we charged everything and I finished reading my book we set a out ton packing up. We were able to get a hitch from a guy who worked at the general store. We were on trail around six, finally the air was getting cooler.


A good 20 feet up the trail Arctic suddenly stopped and soon I knew why. There was a rattle snake right next to the trail. It gave us ample warning. It made me think of Trail Angel Bill’s words… ” Remember the trail doesn’t have sprinklers.” I had never thought that the sounds of a rattler and a sprinkler were alike, but he nailed it!

We escaped unharmed and pushed on up the hill. As we climbed we reached a new milestone…



Woo woo!

The rest of the hike up was great. The switchbacks were gentle and the views were lovely. I was happy we waited to hike. The climb in the heat of the humid day would have been gross.


After an amazing sunset we reached a great campsite. We are joined by Oak a other evening hiker. He is a nice guy and great company. Life is good:)



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