Day 88: Sierra City

July 18, 2014
15 miles
1197 miles total

We needed to get to Sierra City by 1:30, in order to make it to the post office by the time it closed. We only had 15 miles but as usual we didn’t get the earliest of starts.


The trail was great. We stumbled upon this little gem of a sign. The trail is marked in several ways. Many are the old worn away diamond shaped signs. Some are the new fancy signs, and sometimes it isn’t marked at all. That one made me giggle though. Got to love the creative types.



We ran into two trail maintainers today. One was Allen and the other Pounder’s Promise. They were out clearing dead and downed trees near the trail. It was nice to chat with them and be able to thank them face to face for all their hard work. We couldn’t be out here simply hiking, if amazing folks like these two didn’t volunteer their own time. A huge Thanks to all those out there making it possible for anyone to use such beautiful trails. You make it happen, Thank You!


Eventually we made it to the road. With one minor face plant just before, I was covered in dirt and certain nobody would give us a ride. We started to walk as we had only a bit of time to reach the post office. Luckily we were picked up by a kind woman and dropped off with plenty of time to spare.

After the post office we headed to the general store where we stuffed our faces. Sierra City is very small, it used to be a big gold rush town. But now it seems like it is in its way out. Many of the buildings are for sale. The guide book talked of some locals who are not fans of hikers. It is kind of a bummer. Sure there are some bad apples among thru hikers. But we also bring a lot of revenue to small towns. If only this little community could find a way to make that work for them.

After a great swim in the swimming hole we crashed in the backyard of two great trail angel’s. They hooked us up with a cheap shower. We sat at the picnic table and played a few rounds of cribbage with Torrey tonight. He is getting good. We had better watch out for him, he is a fast learner.

Well there are 4 of us camped in the yard tonight. The sounds of the river will lull us to sleep. Good night:)


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