Day 87: The Thunder Rolls

July 17, 2014
21 miles today
1183.93 miles total

We all slept well in the shelter. I was the first one up, and that was after several “nobody else is up guess I can go back to sleep” moments.

It was nice to have a picnic table to use for breakfast and the camp that was also at the hut gave us some fresh fruit. Adding a banana to my granola was amazing! Just the added boost for a big day was a huge help.

Arctic and I finally got hiking around 9. Even with the late start the miles flew. We had second breakfast after we hit 5 miles a top an outlook with a really cool tree.


We pushed on for a late lunch. As we took our siesta the clouds were rolling in. There was a lot of thunder in the distance. The sound was great, but the thought of possible wildfires being started was kind of a bummer. As we finished our day the clouds continued to build. By the time we finally reached a spot to set up camp it was sprinkling.


We were able to cook dinner before it got worse. We hid in Arctic’s tent and played a round of cribbage after dinner. It was a great way to unwind after a delightful day of hiking.

Just as the rain had given the earth a quick soak, it passed on. Hopefully the storm will have broken the heat and humidity we have been having. A little cooler air would make for excellent hiking.


Much love from the trail.


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