Day 86: Donner party… Of two

July 16, 2014
7 miles today
1162.78 miles total

After last night’s amazing fire it was nice to curl up in my sleeping bag. I slept well considering we were in town. The morning was cool and calm. We all took our time getting up. It was lovely.

After we had breakfast and broke camp we went to check out the Donner Memorial Museum. It was pretty cool. There were a ton of artifacts and interesting tidbits. It is crazy to think about families putting everything they owned into a wagon and setting off to the unknown. We’ve got it pretty good.

After the museum we headed into town. Arctic picked up his schnazzy new moon shoes at the post office and then we headed to lunch at the Squeeze In. I had a great sandwich with lots of avocado it was delicious.


Finally around three we hit the trail. Abby and Jordan hiked a little ways with us to a look out. It was fun to see the excitement in their faces as we reached the view point. Sometimes it is easy to forget how cool it is that we get to see amazing views every day. It is good to be reminded how beautiful the trail really is.


After we said our goodbyes it was time to get hiking. The trail was really neat, it looked on towards Donner Lake and Highway 40. After about 4 miles we hit Hwy 80, and crossed under the busy road via two tunnels.

We reached the top of Castle Pass around 5, since we were so close to camp we stopped to take in the view and had a quick snack.

From there it was a quick mile to Peter Grubb Hut. A swell cabin in the woods maintained by the amazing folks of the Sierra Club. It was really cool inside and reminded me a lot of Carter Notch Hut. There was a pretty large camp group camped outside. I talked to a few of the kids and adults and they all seemed excited to be out in the woods. I love that. I don’t mind hearing them yell and scream, they are connecting to this big beautiful place we all live.

Arctic and I made dinner and caught one of the best sunsets we have had in a while. The sun was a beautiful pink ball slipping between clouds of beauty.


After the sun finally sank below the horizon we made our way back to the hut. Inside we found Torrey a fellow through hiker, playing the guitar. We ended up teaching him cribbage. It was a great game. Arctic beat me at the very end. It was a perfect end to the day.


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