Day 85: to Truckee

July 14, 2014
15 miles
1155.6 miles total

Our original plan was to head to Sierra City. However Arctic’s sister and brother in-law had the opportunity to visit. While if we pushed crazy miles we might have been able to meet them in Sierra City, it seemed like the best plan to meet them in Truckee.

So we adjusted out plans. We got a bit of a late start but managed to enjoy the views during the day. We passed the beautiful Tinker Knob that still had a pile of snow. After lunch we pushed onward.



Finally after a few ups and downs… And  a bit of dehydration. (Thinking 2 liters of would be good for 13/miles was a huge mistake. It was hot, exposed, and sunny.) We made it to Hwy 40. There Cowboy a 2013 thru left two coolers. One was beer ( my dehydrated state said No) the other was filled with root beer. Arctic and I sat for a bit enjoying the cold beverage. Eventually Cowboy came back from the swimming hole with the other hikers. He was really nice. He even offered to take us to Truckee.


Once in Truckee, Arctic and I found our way to Jax. There we ordered water, chocolate shakes, and burgers. It was perfect. My friend Tom showed up and took us to trivia night. While we didn’t win, I was pretty stoked to have answered a question about Harry Potter that  was a complete guess. (What three colors do Unicorns change?)

After trivia Tom took us to his house where we showered and camped for the night. It is always good to see old friends:) Tomorrow we zero, to catch up with Arctic’s sister Abby and brother in-law Jordan. We are such bad hikers;)


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