Day 83: Desolation Wilderness

July 12, 2014
20 miles today
1120.58 total miles

Angles found us this morning. Rather than being ahead of us as I had thought he was actually behind us. Somehow we missed him. Blast.

The rest of us lazy bones slept in. I kept waking up but didn’t hear anyone so I would roll over and go back to sleep. After a lazy morning we finally left the lake just before 10. It was worth spending time with wonderful friends.


We spent the morning sauntering. We were in no rush and enjoyed each others company. There were tons of weekend warriors out. Lots of families, kids and dogs. It was awesome. I love knowing so many people enjoy the great Wilderness areas.

Around noon we ended up parting ways with Karen and Honest Abe. They took the trail up to Mt. Taulk and we continued on the PCT. They are lovely people and amazing hosts. Thanks so much for putting up with our smelly hiker selves. You guys are the best!


Arctic and I pushed on to Dick’s pass. The trail was great, and even though we climbed it was at a good grade.

We ate a late lunch at the top of the pass and enjoyed the view. From there we pushed on. Since we got a late start we had to make up the miles. The lakes we passed were amazing. I am adding the Tahoe Rim Trail to my list. If all else fails just to come back to swim, fish, and explore is cool too. Seriously people check out the Desolation Wilderness. It is some of the most beautiful trail yet.


After lunch we pushed the last 12 miles out. I hiked alone the last 10, on wonderful trail. There was a lot of green and fresh smells. I reached Richardson Lake pretty late, around 8. But there resting in his tent was Angles. We chatted a bit and eventually Arctic showed up. The moon rise was pretty… But my legs are a bit angry. Rebellion from so many zeros? It is time for this lady to go to bed.



One thought on “Day 83: Desolation Wilderness

  1. Great to see your back on the trail! I’ll be starting a thru hike next year so am enjoying all the lessons your learning.

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