Day 82: Aloha Lake

July 11, 2014
6ish miles today
1100.6 miles total

We got a late start, but we knew that going in. Honest Abe had to finish up some work before we hit the trail.

We reached the trail at Echo Lake by 5 and started the beautiful trek to Aloha Lake. It was great to be back on trail. It was even better to be with good friends. Honest Abe, Karen, Angles, Arctic, and I all set out together.

We ended up losing long legged Angles when we stopped to check out an old cabin on Echo Lake. The cottages were beautiful as was the Lake. The bugs came out as we pushes through some dense forest.


The 6 miles went by quick. My mind, body, and soul were rejuvenated from our days off. The break away from hiking was nice. Although it turned out to be longer than planned, it was amazing. Perspective is often gained when you step away from the everyday.


I can now say I have watched fireworks with hiker trash at a locals beach on a Lake Tahoe, I can say I put my feet in the wild angry and cold Northern Cal Pacific ocean, and I can truly mark a simple life goal off my list: I have hugged a redwood tree and walked amongst the most amazing living things ever.


The trail is just as great. Tonight Abe, Karen, Arctic, and I watched the sunset over the lake. We made dinner together and drank delightful brews. It was the simplicity of nature that added to an amazing evening. We watched the moon rise and the clouds pass.

Life is good.


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