Day 81: Tahoe adventures

July 2, 2014
4 miles

The bugs were bad again last night, so after dinner in my tent it was relaxing time. I slept well and woke up ready for the morning. I beat Arctic out of camp and told him I would wait by the road to hitch.

The walk was nice. Very similar to the soft ups and downs we had been having. I made good time and enjoyed the sights, smells, and sounds of the hike.

I made it to the highway fairly quickly. There I found some shade and sat down. Arctic hiked along soon enough. We then set out to the side of the highway for a ride.

The first few folks passed by, but less than 5, minutes later we were off to Tahoe.

We landed in town, hit up McDonalds for second breakfast and then were in search of a hotel. As it was nearly the 4th town was busy. Our options were limited but eventually we found a space at the Motel 6. ( We tried a spot at the Apex Inn, they were full but very helpful in helping us find a new hotel, and even gave us a ride. Awesome folks! )

After showers and laundry we went off in search of the outfitter. While waiting at the bus stop, a car pulled over. It was my friend from the AT Honest Abe! It was so good to see him. He gave us a ride to the outfitter and then to his house for a beer. We had planned on staying with him, but he had a business trip to attend to. So we planned a few nights at the motel and the 4th with him. We went to dinner at this amazing little bar. I had a lamb burger that was great. I also got a chuckle that a beer from almost my hometown was one of their specials. Gotta love it.


We eventually caught up with the rest of the band later in the evening.  We found out that two of our dear friends are getting off trail. The news brought along the idea of a road trip. We needed one last hurrah as a group.


So after the fourth… The 5 of us will pack into a CAR! And trek the 7 hours to the redwoods and the ocean:)

The thing about adventures is that they are always evolving. I am lucky to have such amazing friends.



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