Day 80: Bugs, lakes, and the kindness of strangers

June 30, 2014
23 miles today
1089 miles total

Today was great, I woke up to Arctic packing up. I looked at my watch it was 5:30. I told him I would catch him later and went back to sleep. I was on trail by 7:30, it was a warm morning.


Luckily Arctic took a nice morning break in a beautiful meadow. I was able to catch him there. I had second breakfast there, it was an excellent view.


The trail was just as great as it has been. Mellow ups and downs. We crushed miles fast today. I was expecting to reach the visitor center at Carson Pass in the afternoon, but I got there a little after noon. Once there a lovely volunteer asked if I wanted a coke. I had been craving a soda all morning. It was a great place to relax, eat lunch, and people watch.

A nice day hiker came up to me and started asking questions about the trail. She was excited and fun to talk to, before she hit the trail she gave me a delicious peach. I shared it with the other hikers who were there, it was so delicious and juicy. I miss fruit!

We got back on the trail close to 3. The hike started up and through a meadow. There were so many flowers it was hard to hike. I wanted to look at them all.



We also ran into several little girls who went on a 3 night hike with their dads. They all told us to swim in Showers lake. They seemed excited and had a great time even with all the mosquitoes. I love seeing young kids out. How cool that they were on a trip with their dads?!

I took a quick swim break at Showers Lake. The water was warm and a bath was much needed. Even though we are heading to town tomorrow it is nice to be less stinky when you get into a strangers car. It was a nice treat.

Finally I made it to camp a little after 7. The final 5 miles were big filled but nice.  I have been hiding in my tent, even had dinner in here to escape the wrath of the buggers. Hopefully tomorrows short hike to town will help us escape them.


One thought on “Day 80: Bugs, lakes, and the kindness of strangers

  1. Fun to read more days of your blog – and realized I missed meeting you by just an hour at blue lakes rd – I did meet emu and mozzie, who are the sweetest hikers I’ve ever run into, although there are several close contestants among the thru-hikers – all of them are such cool people!

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