Day 79: Enjoying the trail

June 29, 2014
20 miles today
1066 miles total

He frogs were lovely to sleep near last night. The chorus lulled me to sleep. We all slept in this morning. But Arctic and I were on the trail by 7:45.

The trail was beautiful but a bit sketchy. Within the first 20 minutes I had already fallen twice and caught myself for a handful more of near misses. The trail was covered in small rocks that acted like marbles as you took each step. I know I am not known for my grace, but this was just nutty.

Finally as we started our first climb the trail wen back to its lovely dusty self. The rest of the morning was great. The ups and downs were gradual and the vistas were epic.


We took second breakfast just after Ebbits Pass. There a few day hikers offered us snacks and soda. It was nice of them. From there we set off again. The trail was just wonderful. It reminded me of a time before the Sierra. It made miles fly.


(Don’t worry Emmit is still having a great time.)

We stopped for lunch before 1, after my bagel with nutella and peanut butter, it was time for a siesta. The shade was the place to be as it was super sunny. I woke up overheated, he shade had moved which means it was time to go.


The rest of the day was much of the same. Good terrain and happy hiking.
I got a bit dehydrated layer in the day, but by the time my tent was up all was well. Another wonderful day hiking. All is good.



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