Day 77:

June 27, 2014
7.71 miles
1,026 miles total

After a warm night in the motel I felt refreshed. All signs of hypothermia were gone, all of my gear was dried, and we ate a ton of good food. Life is good.

We beboped around town in the morning. Arctic hit up the bakery early, and we all got the free continental breakfast. We spent time organizing our food, which was exciting because we no longer need bear canisters. It will be a lot easier to pack my backpack again!

Patrick headed out early, but Owl, Angle, and Slims showed up a bit before noon. They had smartly decided to head back to our previous campsite after hiking a mile up the trail. It was great to see them safe and sound as well as swap stories from our day apart.

We all hit up lunch together at the Burger Barn. Where Pesky joined us to once again stuff our faces. After lunch I went to the post office to mail off my bear canister and a few postcards.

Finally we were out trying to hitch a little after 3. It took us a while, but eventually a nice man in a mini van brought us the 15 miles to our next road. On HWY 108 we waited a long time before anyone came up the road. The few cars that did were full of people. Eventually a nice young woman named Alicia picked us up and drove us the last 15 miles back to Senora Pass.

Right away on the trail we ran into The Owl who was doing trail magic. He gave us both cookies with whipped cream and a cherry on top. As well as having a super awesome sign for photo ops. He is a great friendly guy who is also a trail maintainer. Very awesome! We thanked him, got some photos and were off to climb our last pass over 10,000′.




The climb had some steeper sections, but man was it beautiful. It felt great to be hiking. It was such a change from how we were yesterday. It was a total 360°! It was perfect. It was cool to look where we had come from, I am a bit sad we missed the epic views so many told us about. But I think the glimpse we got today was great.



At the top we took some last shots of the Sierra. We have come a long way, it’s crazy to think of all the passes and trail we just covered. But looking forward to new territory is pretty neat.


Eventually we made it to our campsite. I had leftovers from lunch for dinner. It was kind of a late night but I am grateful we found a beautiful campsite.

Life is swell. Goodnight:)


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