76: Mount Washington?

June 26, 2014
11.3 crazy miles
1018.50 miles total

Well today started much like a day on the Appalachian trail. I heard rain falling on my tent early this morning. I knew most everyone else slept with their rain flies off as well. I felt bad as I saw headlamps flash around in haste. Sometimes it is nice to have a single wall tent. What was it somebody said about no rain on the PCT?

Anyway I got up early, around 5 to the sound of rain and wind. Like I said much like the AT. I slowly did everything I could in my tent. It was nice to be warm and dry. Packing up my sleeping bag was the worst. But all good things come to an end.

Arctic and I (shockingly) were out of camp first. I was dressed in warm layers and my rain gear. We started climbing early, gaining over 2,000′ in the first two miles. It was windy, cold, and kind of miserable. My hope for clearing was not in the cards. About halfway up Patrick passed us. Arctic and I checked in to see how I was feeling about the conditions. At the time it seemed alright, so we pushed on.

As we climbed the wind picked up, it got colder. My hands started to go numb. Conditions deteriorated the rest of the way. We tag teamed with Patrick, all of us taking turns leading. I am not going to lie, it was miserable hiking. I even cried at one point. My hands were so cold and the snow crossings were intimidating. But I got a hold of myself. I was happy I wasn’t leading kids through such conditions (although I doubt I would have done it with kids.)

It was an interesting day. The 11 miles reminded me of hiking Mt. Washington in NH’s White Mountains. Limited visibility, walking in a cloud, and overall crappy weather. Thankfully we ended up safely at Senora Pass.

Our next adventure involved hitching 30 miles to town. Let me tell you it is hard to hitch when your thumbs are numb. After about 30 minutes we snagged a ride with Richard, a section hiker we met in Kennedy Meadows.

We arrived in town around noon, all we wanted was a hot shower. Locals looked at us in all our rain gear as if we were nuts. Here we thought they were crazy for wearing shorts.

After finding heat and warmth in hot showers, Patrick, Arctic, and I set off for food.

We found it.



Now it is time to relax and get ready for tomorrow as we head back to the trail.


One thought on “76: Mount Washington?

  1. HSB, really enjoying following you along your journey. Wow, 75 days already!! Amazing. I started following along in the winter as you were getting ready to go. I’m in that process right now; Class of 2015!!, The 1st of August I will be SOBOing from Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass here in Washington to test out my gear.
    Keep at it! One step at a time. I appreciated your honesty about your down days at the 1000 mile mark.
    Take care
    Oh, haven’t seen Emmit in awhile. Is he still with you? :o)

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