Day 75: I could walk 1000 miles

June 25, 2014
19 miles
1,007.20 miles!

It was a great start to the day, Arctic brought me my bear canister so I was able to eat in my tent bug free. After getting all my life sorted we hit the trail around 7:30.

The trail was marvelous! The “climb” to Dorothy Lake Pass was so wonderful. While we were going up, it was spread over many miles. It was a walk in the park. We traveled through flat meadows and lovely creek sides. We ended up hiking with several new folks Twice and Angry Bird. It was nice to meet and chat with them.


We crushed the 10 miles to Dorothy Lake. There we took a break and enjoyed the view. We even skipped a few rocks. We had a whole 180′ to climb to reach the pass.


Once we reached the pass we were sad not to see a pyramid of bear canisters. Dorothy Pass is where we leave Yosemite Wilderness and Park behind… And the bear cans. I was tempted to leave mine for future SOBO’s but I also didn’t want to litter. So I carried it on.


Arctic is super excited to leave Bear Canister Land.

Then we pushed on to our next big milestone. 1,000 miles! Holy Wah! I can’t believe we did it. (Others couldn’t believe it either as there were four markers!)


We celebrated like any good thru hiker would. We ate a huge lunch! As we were eating a team of llamas hiked by. It was a cool sight to see. It got me thinking that someday I need to have some pack llamas, you know to bring my groceries home and such. How cool would that be?


We then pushed on the rest of the way to our lovely campsite at the base of Senora Pass. It is breezy, so not many bugs but nice. We were surprised that the rest of the gang showed up. They pulled some big days. The band is once again back together.

Tonight we are camped with more folks than we have seen in a while. Twice, Patrick, Owl, Slims, Angles, The Valley, Arctic and I all ready for a good morning climb.



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