Day 73: Lakes a plenty

June 23, 2014
20.6 miles today
969.20 miles total

Today was great. It started at 6, and we were on trail a little after 7. After sorting out which way to go (there are many trails and the PCT is rarely labeled.) The morning was gentle, the miles came very easy. The views were great and the forest seemed quiet again. I guess that is what happens when you leave the busy JMT and National Park areas (accessible by car) behind. We did see others, but they all had a tranquil vibe. It was great.


We stopped by a beautiful lake for lunch. There was a crazy hatch of dragonfly and damselflies. It was cool to see them swim in the lake and others drying their new wings on a log. We had eaten and were taking our siesta when Emu and Muzzy showed up. They asked about swimming. So we all ended up in the water. I was the only one too chicken to go all the way in. Which in hindsight was good as I was freezing from just going waist deep. It was lovely to relax in the grass for a bit.


Then it came time for the climb. I had given my maps to Arctic as he forgot his in his bounce box. So I thought it was right away. Instead we went up a bit, down a ton, walked flat along the valley floor (where we saw 3 deer!) And then up. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. It was actually nice.


Finally after climbing Benson Pass, we made it to a wonderful campsite next to a Mountain lake. Although the mosquitoes made dinner a bit of a challenge the alpenglow more than made up for it. It was such a great day


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