Day 72: Glen Allen

June 22, 2014
5.85 miles
954.84 miles

We really slept in today. Every time I woke up I turned over and went back to sleep. We had to, the breakfast place didn’t open until 9. It was great. We left our tents up at the campground and went to the restaurant.

Then we spent the rest of the morning and into the early afternoon playing cards ( Emu and Muzzy taught us a game called 500, it was awesome) and socializing. We finally met Banana Boat, who hiked with my old pals Cheetah and Chad. It was swell. We ate a lot too.


Finally after Muzzy and Arctic won the game we headed back to pack up. I left a note for the rest of the gang and we were off.




We enjoyed the easy walking. The view of the river and the waterfalls it provided. It was a stress free five mile hike. We reached Glen Allen Campsite a little after 6.  We are cowboy camping under the trees and hoping the mosquitoes don’t eat us. We enjoyed a fire and now its time for sleep.


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