Day 71: Happy Solstice

Saturday June 21, 2014
10.73 miles
942.50 miles total

The sound of the river was exactly what one needs to sleep well. It was also a beautiful way to wake up. I heard the others up and moving but I remained still. I knew it was a short day into Tuolome Meadows, so I enjoyed a bit more relaxing. When I finally did get up and going I was ready.


The hike was great. There was very little up and down. The miles flew by. We even caught up to Angles, Owl, and Slims. They stopped to talk with old AT buddies of Slims who just started the JMT. It was fun to swap old tales. It’s silly how small the world gets. The more I travel the more it shrinks.


We also ran into a ton of fresh faced, clean, shiny, JMT hikers. Those who stopped to chat were a riot. They all promised good food at the store.

We rolled into the camp store a little after noon. We were surprised to find Ms. Vickky who supplied trail magic. We made delicious sandwiches and enjoyed the company of others. I even ran into Doc (formerly known as Sippy) and Mowgli. I hadn’t seen either of them since Ziggy and the Bears… A good 600 miles ago. Crazy.


We literally spent the entire afternoon eating, laughing, and story telling with other hikers. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

Just before we left for the campground Arctic and I decided to grab sandwich fixing for dinner. While in the store Emu came running up and hugged us. Her I had thought she was way ahead of us and she was actually a few miles behind. It was awesome to see her! Muzzy was a but behind but our hiker reunion made my day.

We all went to the campground, we sat around talking and laughing. It was a wonderful night for sure. Tomorrow we will only hike a few miles because the rest o the band is going to slackpack the rest of the JMT. We will wait a bit ahead.

Tonight reminds me that the best things in life are the people you chose to surround yourself with. I am a very lucky lady indeed.


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