Day 70: Donahue Pass

June 20, 2014
Total miles today: 17.75
total miles 932.38

Today started out great. I heard Arctic was up, so I started to get ready. As I was just about to deflate my sleeping pad he asked if I wanted to sleep in a bit more as he was catching up on his blog. Not wanting to stifle his creative flow, I decided to lay back down for a while longer. It was great. I really love my sleeping bag and pad. I always say the worst part of my day is opening the valve to my sleeping pad in the morning.

Eventually after all was said and done we were on the trail by 8. I am not going to lie it was a rough morning. Not so much physically, but mentally. I was questioning my whole hike. Why was I out here and what I could be doing instead. It was rough, I couldn’t think of anything else. Luckily during our break I talked it over with Arctic. It is great to have someone to share what is going on in your mind.


I felt like the “funk” was bringing me down. For those familiar with the AT, it’s kind of like the Virginia Blues, except California is so much bigger. Even though we are over 900 miles we still have a long way to go, in this state alone. The desert is done and the Sierra is unbelievably amazing, but something is off.


We stopped for lunch at this beautiful stream overlooking some high peaks. It started to change my mood. Then  after turning on my iPod and listing to some of my favorite podcasts my day turned around.

We climbed Donahue Pass this afternoon. A little snow at the top, but it went smoothly. Once at the top of the pass we entered Yosemite Wilderness area. We also passed a ton of friendly JMT hikers. They were all so happy and psyched for their trips. It was good for moral to chat with them.


Tonight as I arrived at our intended campsite I saw three figures making dinner. We caught back up with the band, (we always say the band is getting back together when we are all one.) It turns out Slims, Angles, and Owl all seemed to have hit the funk on their side of the trail too (they took the JMT alternate trail.) Its good to have others know and understand the ups and downs of a long distance hike.

I am so lucky to be hiking, I do appreciate all the amazing sights on this journey that others may never see. Sometimes you need to have a rough day to appreciate the great days.

Tonight I have the sound of a river flowing outside my tent. The mosquitoes can’t get in through the bug netting, and that is alright too.


One thought on “Day 70: Donahue Pass

  1. Hi, I really enjoy your blog! You mentioned that Arctic has a blog, do you
    have a link to that? Enjoy your wonderful adventure, Diane

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