Day 68: Of Dentists and old Friends

Well we all took a zero today. Most everyone relaxed. I however went to the dentist to fix my cracked tooth. I was able to walk from the hotel which was great. The dentist was very friendly and made it an easy process. I got a shot to numb the area (which hurt a lot) and he got to work. A short half hour later I walked out with a numb mouth, missing a part of a tooth, and the ability to once again chew on both sides of my mouth. I am glad they were able to get me in.

The rest of the day consisted of resupplying, relaxing, and hanging out. I got a call from my old friend Beo who was also hiking. He is getting off trail and was driving through Mammoth. So he stopped by and took us all to the Thai restaurant. It was really great food, great company, and always good to catch up with old friends.

Safe travels friend see you back on the other coast.



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