Day 67: Mammoth

Tuesday June 17, 2014
15 miles
905 miles total

Well I got up at 5 so we could be on our way. Arctic got up a good half hour later and was ready to go at 6. It was chilly today, I wore my long johns under my pants, my mittens, hat, and my thicker top. But it was nice to keep moving too. We played a lot of leap frog with a new face, his name is Bison. We even passed the 900 mile marker with out actually seeing it. But other than that, we hiked 15 miles by noon. A pretty solid showing for our sauntering selves.


Just as we reached Red’s Meadow Resort a bus was waiting. We were able to get on and start our journey to the town of Mammoth. From Reds we stopped at Mammoth resort and waited for our next bus. It was while we were there I got a response from Angles that they were also planning on hitting up he Motel 6 in town. We finally caught up to our friends! With that realization we hopped on two more busses and made it to the Hotel.


After checking in, showers and laundry we all set off in search of food. We found a sweet Mexican restaurant called Roberto’s. The portions were huge and the food was great. I even had leftovers for second dinner later on.


We hung out for a while in the evening and even stumbled upon Smuggles and Heat Wave. It was great to relax.



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