Day 66: Silver Pass and Virginia Lake

June 16, 2014
15 miles
892.92 miles total

This morning was amazing for a sleep in. The store/restaurant doesn’t open until 7, so I took advantage of the extra rest. The birds were quite talkative, so as the first light hit I put my ear plugs in.  I slept great, got up ready to go. After we packed up our tents and organized our packs we sat down for breakfast. We even snuck in another game of cribbage. ( I am up two games to one;)) The breakfast burritos once again hit the spot, but I didn’t want to leave without trying some pie. So Arctic and I split a piece of Peach Berry Pie ala mode. Let me just say it was delicious! The best second breakfast I have had in a while.

After pie I went in search of a phone book to find a dentist. Finding a dentist out of the phone book was scary. Well the ad looked nice, so it could go either way. But luckily they were able to get me in on the day we plan on being in town. Thankfully VVR had a satellite phone so I was able to set up the appointment. Yay, it sure makes it easier not to worry about my tooth as much now that the appointment is booked.


Finally we joined Luna, Glimmer, and Poca in the car to catch our ferry back o the trail. Since the lake is so low, we drove half the way in an awesome old SUV. Once there we piled into the boat and we were off. It was a relaxing trip back.



It was good to be resupplied and ready to hike. We set off towards Silver Pass, there were a ton of false summits bit the day was cool and it made for good climbing. At the top Arctic and I had lunch. We hid behind a rock to get out of the wind, even with our layers on it was still a quick lunch. The rest of the folks we started the day with showed up too.


We then started down the other side of the pass. We hadn’t really looked at maps so at the end of the day we were a bit surprised as we climbed nearly 2,000′ towards the lake. We got good Intel from two lovely southbound JMT hikers Arielle and Andrew that we should camp by Virginia lake. Since we are already pretty close to town we called it a day. We found a decent spot under some trees to help with dew in the morning but it is still going to be chilly by the lake. Tomorrow morning will be hard. But today was great. Another wonderful day on the trail.



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