Day 65: VVR r&r

June 15, 2014
Nearo into VVR

We woke up to a beautiful sight, sunlight over the lake. It was a relaxing morning in that we just had to wait for a ferry to bring us to VVR. Around 8:30, we saw a small boat on the horizon. Then eventually it arrived near us. Since California has been in a drought for nearly 4 years the lake has shrunk drastically. The old ferry was more like a large pontoon boat, the new ride is a small fishing boat. Luckily there were only four of us, so we packed into the boat and headed for the other shore. Small Steps and Too Close were just as excited as we were.


Our day consisted of collecting our mail drops (Lisa your packages and notes bring so much joy to my heart, thank you.) Amazing showers (perhaps the best on trail yet?), lots of delicious meals, repacking our bear canisters, eating, a few games of cribbage, talking to JMT and fellow PCT hikers, tattoos (thanks Lisa!), and relaxing. All in all a spectacular day. Tomorrow back to the trail with way too much food, but a happy spirit. I highly recommend VVR, super nice folks and VERY hiker friendly. More so than Kennedy Meadows! A+++!







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