Day 64: Miles to go…

Saturday June 14, 2024
25ish (including non pct miles)
878.75 miles total

We got up around 6. It was a quiet morning, excluding a deer passing through our campsite it was rather uneventful. We were on trail by 7, we had big miles to do.

We crossed the Piute River and entered the John Muir Wilderness area. It’s kind of a big deal for Wilderness this year as it is a big anniversary. 50 years ago the wilderness act was signed into law. I love wilderness areas. They are so very important.

The trail was really mellow for a few miles, then we began to climb. Over the whole day I think we had a total of 4,000’ish up.


We made our way towards Seldom Pass, a much smaller pass than the rest. It is just under 12,000′ by like 30′. It was a beautiful climb and fairly easy compared to the rest. After a quick lunch we packed up and headed out for the next 14 miles. It was a great day to hike.


Arctic and I both hiked at our own paces today. We would stop and wait for one another at break stops then would switch who was ahead. It made for excellent zone out sessions. I think of the craziest things while hiking. From the random 7 songs that seem to be on repeat in my head to what will come next after hiking to silly memories it is an interesting way to get in the zone.


Finally we pushed on late into the evening. I saw three more deer, but that was it. We made it to the beach for tomorrow’s ferry ride at about 8:45. The sand walking wasn’t so awesome, but we are here and tomorrow we will grab our packages and relax. It was a long day and my legs are tired. All is well.


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