Day 63: Muir Pass and Beyond

June 14, 2014
20 miles
835 miles total

Last nights moon rise was beautiful. It got cold this morning, our sleeping bags were covered in dew. They were kind of semi frozen too. It was rough getting up but we had planned to get up at 5 so we could beat the melt of the snow pack. We were on trail by 6, it was cold hiking but it sure was nice.

We reached the top after meandering around the snow fields. I only tried to get us lost once. The top of Muir Pass had a really amazing stone hut. The Muir Hut was built in the 30’s. We hung out in the warmth and had a quick snack.

Just as we were leaving Heat Wave and Smuggles showed up. We got some pictures and headed down the other side of the pass. There was still a bit of snow and we had to find the trail several times, but eventually we made it.

We crossed more streams and had a quick break near the lake. We dried out our sleeping bags and ate another snack. It was nice.
We continued on pushing, we made it to a great campsite near the river. Today was great. But I am ready to rest.


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