Day 60: 800 miles and some thunder

June 10, 2014
12 miles today
801 miles total

We got up at a good time. Yogi’s guide book told us not to head over Glen Pass to early or to late. We reached the top around 9, the view was great. There were also a lot of other folks there too. On the way down there was a lot of exposed snow and rock. After watching others cross, we decided to take our our axes and micro spikes.



We made it across safely. It was an interesting scramble on the way down. But eventually we hit the trail again.
We meandered the rest of the morning. We crossed several streams and went by several amazing lakes.

The clouds rolled in by afternoon. At one point I pulled out my umbrella and pack cover. We were getting rain/snowed on. It was beautiful. But then it started to thunder.


We crossed a beautiful bridge and on the other side we hit a new milestone. 800 miles! It feels great to have crushed another hundred miles.

Even though we wanted to push on a bit further, we settled for a low site. The thunder was close, and the higher we went the more exposed we would be.
So we stopped a bit early and hopefully stay dry tonight. There are a lot of us here, so it was nice to talk to new folks. Goodnight, big day tomorrow.


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