Day 59: Back up the Pass

June 9, 2014
9ish miles today
789 total

Sleep and relaxation is awesome. We took our time leaving the comforts of the motel. Showered and happy we finally checked out. We threw some things in the hiker box at the hostel and grabbed lunch to go at Carl’s Jr. I love packing out burgers for later. (Even cold it tastes amazing.)

We headed to the end of town and started the usual thumb, smile, wave hitch method. Without the rest of our dream team Arctic and I didn’t know how long it would take. We didn’t wait too long, and were picked up by a local hiker. His truck was full so we hopped in the bed and laid down. (Riding in the bed is illegal in CA) oops.


Luckily he was headed to Onion Valley, where the trailhead was. For a Monday we didn’t know how our luck would be. We did amazingly well. We picked another couple up and headed back up the steep winding road. (*note to future thrus: if it is early in the season or bad weather this could be a difficult hitch. We got really lucky!)


We hit the trail with fully resupplied packs around 1:15. It was another beautiful day. I had been worried about the climb, but it was graded better than the PCT and made for a lovely 5 miles of 3,000′ elevation gain. There were all these crazy moths that fluttered by all afternoon. They were fun to walk though as they sounded a bit like pop rocks. Not sure what they were but they sure were cool. We ate our burgers at the top, they really hit the spot.



From the top we hiked the last few miles back to the PCT. We found a good campsite a few miles from Glen Pass. It is said to be the scariest as well as pretty snow covered on the other side. Here is hoping for a smooth tomorrow.


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