Day 56: Kearsarge Pass

June 6, 2014
15 miles
788 PCT miles (most of day on side trail.)

Everyone slept in except Arctic. He was up and at it early. The rest of us took our time. I left around 7:30, I was the last of our group to leave. The morning was beautiful. The trail continued to pass near the river. The light on the peaks above was amazing. Sadly my phone was dead, so you will just have to take my word when I say it was breath taking.

I continued on the first four miles jamming out to some playlists. Music has a way of motivating me. Then I met up with Angles and Owl at the trail junction of Bullfrog Lake. After a quick snack we were off. But a short while later we ran into Arctic and Slims hanging out by a lovely blue lake. After enjoying the scenery a bit we all set off for Kearsarge Pass. We made it to the top around noon. After another quick snack we wee enjoying the lovely trail down. Waterfalls, lakes, snow, and epic views all around. The only problem was on a step I got a shooting pain in my left knee. I decided to slow down and got o the back of the pack. We saw a ton of day hikers, which was good for our ride prospects. We finally made it to the bottom a little after 1.

Luckily a thru hiker who was taking time off for an injury was there. She hooked us all up with a ride down to Independence. Thanks a ton to Joquine.
After grabbing lunch in town at subway we set out to hitch to the historic town of Lone Pine. We got a hotel room, and planned to get some errands done. Then it was time to relax.

Another great day on trail.


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