Day 51: Death Canyon Creek… For real

June 1, 2014
22.32 miles today
730.79 miles total.

The morning wake up in the meadow was beautiful. We pulled out around 8, this morning. As usual I was towards the back of the pack. I enjoyed climbing in the morning air. Eventually I came to a beautiful meadow, and for some reason the sight of it and the mountains in the background caped with snow brought tears to my eyes. It was beautiful, and overwhelming.


I ended up taking a break at the spring with Arctic. The views were just perfect. I can see why everyone speaks so highly of the Sierra. We’re not even in the thick of it and it is so beautiful.


We passed the Kern river once again. It is so hard for my brain to pass a great water source. The desert has left me thinking.. If there is water you had better take some. In the desert you never know where your next source will be. Not here, beautiful clear, abundance of water. I could get used to this.


We pushed on and climbed on. As we went up in elevation my pace slowed. It felt as though each step was made harder by cinder blocks being attached to my feet. But those views… They pushed me forward.


Eventually we got to cruise downhill. I met up with Slims, Owl, and Angles. They were cooking dinner and planning on camping soon. For some crazy reason I had it in my head to push on 2.75 more miles. I was starting to feel a little off, but pushed on anyway.

It was a mistake. By the time I got to the campsite I felt awful. I had a horrible headache, and was starting to get nauseous. On top of that the water source was less than stellar. By the time Arctic showed up I was crashing.

I pushed too hard today, even in my excitement I need to remember to listen to my body. I need to remember to snack often and drink more. Especially as we hike on to larger peaks.

This it seems is just my body’s way of reminding me to listen to it. Lesson learned body, lesson learned.



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