Day 50: Of pure joy and wilderness

May 31, 2014
7.25 miles today
709 miles total

We were planning on a nice Nero out today. We seem to be in a sauntering state. So after we packed our bags ( mine was the heaviest as I might go 12 days… It sounds like a unique Wilderness experience), sent our packages out (my old Solomon Trail Runners are still in good shape so I plan on shipping them forward and wearing them again.) And finally paid our tabs… Eek a dangerous thing. We were off… It was close to 2 pm.



It was great to have the whole gang back together. We even got a trekking pole welcome to the Sierra by Strawberry and Eric. We laughed a lot and stopped for second breakfast/lunch after two short miles. Anything to get my pack below 54lbs. Gulp! We set off again, this time stumbling upon the delightful Kern River again.


There was a bridge there and it was still hot. I told the others I was going in for a swim. It looked so amazing I just couldn’t skip this chance. They could go on without me. But eventually we were all in the warm Kern river. It was the most delightful little stop. It got me excited for what is to come.


“The pure joy of a creek, brings us twenty something’s back to our youth. We are all the giggling. smiling. living things we were meant to be. Nature brings us back to who we were meant to be. ” (randomness inspired by the moment)


Eventually we pulled ourselves away. We hiked a few more miles into the ever changing Wilderness. Tonight we camp under old pine trees over looking a meadow. If this is anything like where we are heading… I Can’t Wait!



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