Day 49: Zero Kennedy Meadows

May 30, 2014
0 miles
702 miles total

Today was filled with good food… Laundry, reading a delightful novel in the shade, a shower… And enjoying the company of good people.




As a few more old familiar faces rolled in today I am reminded of the spirit of the trail. I got to talk to First Class and Coach this evening. They are a newly retired couple, I’ve met them at various points on the trail. It was great to catch up. They inspire me with their amazing attitudes, stories, and love for one another. They are the spirit of this trail.

Another hiker was sent tattoos from a friend back home. He graciously shared them, we all picked one. They were fun. A few of us got warrior face tattoos to guide us on and into the wilderness. There were tons of laughs. It’s the people who make this trail so great. Such amazing people from all walks of life. This is why I am here. Tomorrow closer to the Sierra, more miles more smiles.




Life on the trail is what it’s all about. 🙂


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