Day 48: Kennedy Meadows!

May 29, 2014
5 miles
702 total miles

Today was a good day. After a wonderful sleep and a relaxing morning we were off in search of the mystical Kennedy Meadows. Angles, Owl, Slims, and I all hiked together the short jaunt. While somehow I missed the 700 mile marker Slims saw it. So we made our own.

Wahoo 700 miles! After we reached the road we sauntered to the general store. After a few fun shots with the signs along the way we made it.




And then we ate ice cream… Yup, second breakfast was my favorite Ben and Jerry’s Phish food!


That is what happiness looks like.

The rest of my day… Included picking up three packages (huge thanks to Blis for the hard work and amazing letter of encouragement!), my bear vault, and attempting to stuff all my food in it… As well as relaxing, reading a book! And enjoying the company of my fellow hikers.





Finally tonight as I was writing this very post something amazing happened. My dear friend Arctic arrived just before sunset. I was planning on waiting for him as we have hiked together for over 400 miles… And he showed up. Being reunited (after only two days) was the most amazing way to end my day. We spent the last hour catching up. Finally the band is back together. Tomorrow a zero or Nero before we all set off into the wild wild SIERRA!


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