Day 47: Sunny Days

May 28, 2014
22 miles today
698 miles total

It was another beautiful night of sleep. Woke up around 6, ready for a new day. We were out of camp around seven and began the decent off the ridge.


While still warm, we were given some help from the clouds and a light breeze. The terrain was really mellow and wonderful. We stopped for a quick second breakfast near Fox mill spring. After that we pushed on to the closest thing we could find to a shady spot under a tree atop a hill for lunch.


I am sad that my avocado I had at lunch will be he last for a while. Resupplying in the Sierra is much different than the food life we have been having. I made sure my pita sandwich was extra delicious.

We got back on trail and started to see new views. My favorite part of the day was reaching the South Kern River. The water was wide enough to lay in and warm enough for a little relaxing. It was so nice to finally reach a “large” body of water. It really made my day.


Since we are waiting for Arctic we decided to call it a day after 22 miles. A few short of our Kennedy Meadows destination. We plan on getting in early tomorrow to really start to figure everything out.

Kennedy Meadows is a huge landmark along the PCT as it is the start of a whole new section. It is where we begin to say goodbye to the amazing desert and collect all sorts of new gear items for the high Sierra Mountains. We will go from scorching hot burned areas to snowy passes and the tallest peak on the trail. I will have a bear canister, micro spikes, an ice ax, and a whole bunch of food waiting for me.

It’s crazy to think I am almost there. It’s the one place in all my planning I am excited and terrified to reach. (Well that and the Northern terminus, but I can’t even fathom that yet!) How have 700 miles come and gone so fast?



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