Day 46: Quarter of the way thru

May 27, 2014
20 miles today
676 total miles


I had the best trail sleep last night. I woke up refreshed and ready to hike. Surprisingly I was the first up and out. The morning was a lovely climb with vast views beyond. It did start getting quite hot early on. I pushed the 6 miles to Joshua Tree Springs. It’s lovely sign says the water is not drinkable… But as with all PCT water you have got to do what you got to do. It sure was cold and delicious.


All the gang but Arctic caught up. We decided to push to the next known water 7 miles away for a siesta. The day only got hotter and we had climb there too. I pulled out my umbrella, but as the temperature rises my speed decreased.

A little after noon I made it to the Spanish Needle Spring. There were quite a few others there trying to escape the heat and have lunch. We ended up being there much longer than the others..  a mere 5 hours later we were once again ready to hike.


Although nearing 4:30 it was still hot and we had another big climb. I put on the headphones and worked on finding a sustainable speed. Eventually around 8,  I caught the group and we called it a day. We planned a lot of food, and 20 miles was good enough for us.

The realization that we are a quarter of the way done is crazy. I am so enjoying this strange trip.  I feel like my trail legs are finally here.. These amazing people are a part of my life… The days are beautiful… Where have all the miles gone? Eek.


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