Day 45: Of Epic Hitches and a Brewery

May 26, 2014
4.5 miles
656 miles total

It was a wonderful morning to sleep in. After the late wake up it was time to sort out my pack for the next three day push. Things like repackaging food, cleaning old wrappers and garbage out of the nooks and crannies of my Gregory backpack, and making sure things are packed for optimal pack fit.

After a quick breakfast of yogurt, fresh fruit, and chocolate milk, it was time to checkout. The temptation to once again double zero was there. Especially since the forecast for the day was to hit 100°+!  We sat on the patio of the motel and made our phonecalls to family and friends. It’s hard to find time to check in. There is always a lot to do.


After we finished our calls we made our way towards the McDonalds. There we enjoyed air conditioning, gross goodness, and WiFi. We stayed for two helpings of snacks and finally set out to hitch a little after 3pm.

We once again waited under five minutes. A wonderful local named Blake and his dog Achilles picked us all up in his truck. On the way we or talking about the Kernville Brewery, we were sad we had missed it. He asked if we wanted to go. After some funny time (where we all wanted to say yes, but didn’t want to be the one to actually say it…) Owl stepped up and was the yes lady. So off we went to Kernville. Which was approximately the same distance away from the trail as Lake Isabella. The Kern River Brewery was awesome. Not only was their beer selection great, but it was REALLY tasty too. I highly recommend that people head to Kernville rather than Isabella. The Brewery, grocery, laundry mat and motel are all right next to each other.




After a round or two we were back on the road to the trail. We got dropped back off at the magic gathering. There we saw a ton of new faces as well as a few old friends. We filled up our water, saw my third rattler in as many days, and hit the trail.

We only did 4ish miles but it was mostly up. Thankfully we had our delicious beer to power us on. Tonight the wind is blowing the trees. The sound is great. Tomorrow begins the push to Kennedy Meadows… How the heck did that happen Already?


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