Day 44: Zero in Isabella

May 25, 2014
0 miles today
652 miles total

We woke up late, nobody moved until 7 am. We then slowly made our way down to the magic tent. There Yogi set us all up with banana pancakes. I added. Bit of peanut butter to mine. They were amazing! After we were fully filled up, we packed up all our stuff.


We then made our way down to hitch. We always say we are a dream team of hitching… It’s supposed to be a challenge for 5 people to get a ride. But luckily we were able to once again find a ride without even trying. Luckily James was heading to Lake Isabella.



We piled into his truck and set off on our 30 mile adventure. He dropped us off at the motel. We got there fairly early, so much so the rooms were not ready. We dropped our packs, took all of our dirty laundry out… And set out to get all our chores done.

The walk was long and hot, we dropped our laundry off.. Changed into our rain gear and headed off to Nelda’s Diner. Man, their milkshake list was AMAZING! Exactly what I wanted. I ordered the “Super Weird” full of chocolaty goodness. I also ordered  double bacon cheeseburger. While I really only wanted a single… That is what I said… So I went with it. Man both were really amazing. I highly recommend hitting up Nelda’s Diner when you hit town. It was well worth the walk! Amazing service, food and people.


After the diner we collected our laundry and went to the grocery store. Finally around 3 we finally made it back to the motel. It was hot, so we went to the pool.


   We spent the rest of the evening by the pool. We ordered pizza and enjoyed the coolness of the water. It was a good night.



2 thoughts on “Day 44: Zero in Isabella

  1. I have been following you since the start of your journey on PCT. We live on the AT in N C at Big Bald Mountain. Your wonderful attitude is a joy. I hope you don’t mind that I posted on Facebook. Have a wonderful time and safe travels. Janie

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