Day 43: 30 miles to heaven

May 24, 2014
Today 30 miles!
Total 652

Last night was windy, we all got up and got going early. We were on the trail by 6:45. We started up pretty much right away. All I could think of was how long a day it might be.


We stopped for second breakfast after 6 miles. We took a while to just sit. It was getting hot, but we pushed on. Eventually we made it to the water cache. We were uncertain if there would be water there. But there was plenty, as it was getting hotter I grabbed a few liters of water.


As we came to a giant climb we all set out on our own paces. I am super slow on the ups, I tried to find a pace that could be sustainable. I took off, rocking out to some Railroad Earth in my headphones. At one point I heard a rattle. I screamed and did a quick run. (I hate snakes.) It was a smallish rattler. After the shock wore off I attempted to take a picture of it. From there I continued to climb.


I waited until 2 to eat lunch, after the rest in the shade, I was ready to go. As I set off I saw Angles in front of me. As the trail went down my speed increased. I LOVE downhills. I am able to put my legs in like a neutral state and they just go. Downhills make me so happy. So I ended up booking it. When I got to a road crossing I stumbled upon. Slims. After looking at the terrain for the next 9ish miles I got it in my head that I HAD to get to the campground at Walker Pass or… 30miles. Owl, Angles, and Slims and I left a note for Arctic letting him know of our plans. We took off. I was able to fly. I covered the 9 miles in under 3 hours. It felt good.

The best part? As Slims and I reached the campground we heard what sounded like a party. It ended up being a huge hiker trash magic gathering. Many of our hiker friends we haven’t seen in a while were there. Jambo, Spirit Fingers, Emu, Muzzy, Penguin and so many others. It was great!

Yogi, Coppertone, and others handed us a cupcake, and a soda and eventually a burrito. Wow, what a magical way to end the night. The others showed up too, and we all were in shock by our luck. What an amazing day…



Life is so good!


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