Day 41: Robin Springs

May 22, 2014
17.5 miles today
602 miles total

What a swell day. For the most part today reminded me of the Appalachian trail. Complete with lots of cow patty’s, rolling hills, old growth forest, and rain/hail. Yup, for a while there I was wondering how I woke up on another trail. It sure was beautiful though.

As per usual, I was one of the last folks up. It was hard to peel away from my sleeping bag. Last nights rest was wonderful and exactly what I needed to start my day. While most folks left an hour before us, Arctic and I were hiking around 7.

We continued to cross more wind farms and had second breakfast in an old burn area. It was still a great view. Just after second breakfast Arctic and I hit our different paces. I ended up hiking alone for the rest of the day. It was beautiful. Like I said many places reminded me of the AT. The old growth forests and tons of birds.



In the afternoon, jut as I pulled under an old tree it began to rain. I pulled out my pack cover and my umbrella and set off. Just as I left tree cover it began to hail. It was neat, and made me thankful that I had my rain jacket if needed. As I was walking with my umbrella a strange thing happened. I met a south bound section hiker with an umbrella. He was real nice and offered up some amazing trail magic options. I grabbed some chips as we chatted about the trail. It was a funny moment two silver umbrellas running into each other on the trail. Both thinking they are going the correct way.


A mere mile later I hit a milestone… Literally.


600 miles! Although this last section seemed as though we have been moving much more slowly due to all the awesomeness that is trail magic… It was nice to be able to check another hundred off the adventure. (Yes, there are chips in my shirt, that was my sweet trail magic and I didn’t want to stop hiking.)

From there two more short miles to our planned stopping point. After some delicious noodles for dinner I am ready for bed. Tomorrow a bigger day, but still looking awesome.



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