Day 40: Escaping Mojave

May 21, 2014
17 miles
583 miles total

Well we finally did it. After two action packed zero days, we finally got out of Mojave. While it wasn’t much of a town, our bellies are full of diner food, packages sent to their respective destinations, laundry done, and rest complete. It was hectic but overall a wonderful way to spend a few days.

After checking out of our beloved Motel 6 room, we set out to hitching around 10:30. Our numbers increased by one Slims. So we were hoping that finding a ride wouldn’t be so bad. It went quick. Arctic, Slims and I snagged a ride with a wonderful woman named Grace who made room between all her groceries for us. Owl and Angles got a ride right after us. We all hit the trailhead in under a half an hour. Good stuff, we are lucky hitchers together.

We were all hiking by 11. Many drivers honked at us as we walked along the interstate. Then we started to climb.  My body just wasn’t having it. So I took a few breaks and got behind. I had to stay in a comfortable first gear for the 2,000′ climb. The switchbacks were great but the two zeros must have been catching up with me. Luckily it was perfect hiking weather.


We had a lovely lunch and continued on. I kept up for a while but got a real bad case of the blahs. I turned on some Radio Lab podcasts to motivate me. The views were amazing.


We passed more wind farms and beautiful peaks off in the distance.


Eventually after a nice snack break I pushed on. I was so surprised to see a rainbow in the distance. It was exactly what I needed. My family uses rainbows as a reminder of my sister. Thinking of her brought a huge smile to my face and reminded me why I am here. Sometimes its the small things you need the most.


With that the last few miles flew, I was relieved to see the whole gang hanging out by the spring. It was sprinkling, but they brightened my mood. Good people and beautiful landscape. Life is perfect.



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