Day 37: Mojave

May 18, 2014
10 miles
566 miles total.

After a crazy night of wind the morning  was pretty calm. We got up at 5:00, ate a quick breakfast and were off by 5:30.
The miles flew by. We hit another wind farm coming into Tehatchiape, it was a nice hike. Arctic and I ended up at the trailhead at 9:30. We obviously had Denny’s on the brain.



As I worked to make a sign to hitch, we had a guy pull up. We told him we were heading to Mojave, and was told “why the heck would you want to go there?” It was odd, he offered us a ride to Mojave to get Arctic’s packages and back to Tehatchiape. We declined… As we tried to finish our sign Owl and Angles showed up.

We all set out to the road we needed to hitch on. As we were walking. A couple pulled over named Patty and Mike and hooked us up with a ride to town. They too question our Mojave choice… Heck we picked from a book… And the hotel was cheaper.

We got a ride to Denny’s… And stuffed our faces. I got an amazing chocolate shake that I had been dreaming of and blueberry pancakes. It was delicious.


From there we road walked to the motel 6… Cheap and a good shower. Life is good.


Oh yeah… And laundry. Those are my socks on the 5th prewash.. Yuck.


We had a great relaxing night. Life is good.


2 thoughts on “Day 37: Mojave

  1. Hey, Penguin here! I’m in Tehachapi, heading back out tomorrow (5/20). Hopefully see you on the trail!

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