Day 36: Desert Heat

May 17, 2014
18 miles today
549 total

After a few hours sleep we were up and on trail by 6:30. That is pretty good for us, but we should have gotten an earlier start. It got hot fast. Luckily there was a breeze as we strolled through the huge wind farm. It was cool to watch the blades create energy before our very eyes.


We hiked he first four miles quickly and had a nice second breakfast at a water cache. Since I usually carry way more water than needed I didn’t fill up. After the pop tarts were eaten we headed of for the next 6 miles before our intended siesta. As soon as we left the wind farm it got hot. Very hot. I got behind and just started powering down. The heat and I are not friends. After taking it slow… Eventually I made it to our siesta and water spot.


Tylerhorse Canyon was a wonderful place to beat the heat. I filled up on water and joined everybody under a huge shady tree. Angles, Owl, Slim, Kyle, Siesta, Bomber, Cheese, Arctic and Sock Pot all were hanging out. We all made dinner for lunch as we had water and time. It was the first time since leaving the Saufley’s that I had made a dinner. It was time to get rid of all the extra meals. We also discovered that between the group of us we had seven avocados. What’s a group to do with all that deliciousness a day before town? Make Guacamole!



Angles and I chopped and smoshed. We added fresh garlic, salt, onion powder…. And love haha. It actually turned out really good. We all got a huge portion to add to our lunches.


o think it added a wonderful moment to our siesta. Everyone seemed happy, Bomber even said he is now a convert to guacamole. Awesome.

After we all binged on lunch.. Everyone passed out for a few hours. It was wonderful. The nap was lovely in the shade. We started hiking around 4:30 pm after the wind picked up and a bit of clouds gave us relief from the heat.


The hike was all uphill this afternoon. Lots of switchbacks and lits of circling the Mountsin. The wind got a bit crazy towards the top, but we’ve found a great pace to camp. Tomorrow town for a very small resupply. Guess you don’t need much when you barely leave towns for a week.

Does it seem to anyone else that I have been in a town a lot lately? Oh well just getting prepared for the Sierra.

Another amazing day on this crazy trail. Goodnight.


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