Day 34: Hiker Heaven to 465

May 14, 2014
11ish miles
465.93 miles total.

I actually slept in today, till about 7 and then I pealed myself out of bed for a shower and a delightful breakfast of leftover pizza. Since Arctic had more errands and such as well as the heat wave that seems to be upon us, we decided to wait until late afternoon to start hiking.

So that left me to another wonderful Nero. I got to help out with some ditch digging for a new pipe. My favorite part was a tie between all the hikers that volunteered to help and Donna playing the O’ Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack. It was amazing how fast many hands can get big jobs done.



I took one more bike ride mid morning to grab some Gatorade. I also helped sort mail. Hiker Heaven gets a ton of boxes each day. Sadly a box I had sent from Scout and Frodo’s which included my maps to Kennedy Meadows seems to be lost in the postal system. Oh well, it was bound to happen sometime. But other than that I took some time to relax. It was lovely. It was pretty warm, so it was great to hide in the shade.


Around 5 we snagged a ride with some other hikers to the trail. It was still warm but there was a slight breeze.


The sunset was amazing, Arctic was wonderful enough to wait for me and share his kettle corn for the show. It was beautiful. I feel so lucky for each day I am out here.

We hiked on for a few more miles. The night hiking was great, although I need to change my headlamp batteries. we called it a night at a small site just off the trail. Tonight we will cowboy camp and hopefully rise early enough to avoid the heat.


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