Day 33: Zero at Hiker Heaven

May 13, 2014
Zero Day

Our cots were comfortable, we woke with the sun excited for a rest day. Arctic had errands to run, so I set of with Muzzy, Emu, Penguin, and all the other folks I could found up for my biker gang.


We set out on bikes a mile plus to the main area of town. We hit up the Sweet Water Cafe for breakfast. I had a chocolate shake and a delicious omelet.

The rest of the day was a mix of bike riding, organizing, relaxing, and all that is wonderful about a zero day.






I really wanted to do a bit of baking. So I bought a cake mix, and made a hiker cake. Needless to say it disappeared very quickly.


Dinner we hit a pizza joint, the best pizza I have had on trail so far at Big Mouth Pizza. They loaded it up and it was amazing. The staff hook hikers up with free fountain drinks and discounts on the za. Sunbeam approved and  recommended. 🙂

Finally the night ended with every boy (man child’s) dream. We watched the first Star Wars. It was my first time. I’m not gonna lie, I really enjoyed it.


As the opening credits rolled the boys came in to see where in the movie we were. It was pretty awesome. 😉

Trail life is still quite amazing. (So are zero days!)


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